salutations and solicitations

Salutations World Wide Websters! I hope this entry finds you all well and doing something that is fulfilling to you. Now back to me…. hehehehe

So I have priced the metal wire I need to work on these new pieces and I need about $100. And I do not have a hundred bucks. Being a starving artist sucks. Even when I pimp myself out all I get is a lot of people who love what I do but very few who are willing to put their money where their mouth is.

It makes me wonder if people are just being polite in saying they like what I do when really I suck and they do not want to hurt my feelings. Is that it? Argh! I hate artist doubt.

Though the angel on earth known as Heather M. (you know who you are) is giving me some glass she had lying around. I am SO grateful for her and her hand-me-downs.

What it really comes down to is this. Save the money for our house down payment or buy the wire. It isn’t like anyone we know can help us get the house payment together and that is a lot bigger that the hunsky for the wire.

*sigh* I want to work and everything is put away or out of fiscal reach. Sucks. But I have my health gosh darn-it… and my hubby *BEAM* And I have faith and that is no small thing. I know things will work out as long as I do everything I can and should and stay considerate of others.

I feels very odd to go on so much about myself. It keeps ringing the ‘don’t be a self-centered jerk’ bell in my head.

Take care all!


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