Resin-ting and Patience

So I have decided to go with resin casting for this project. I am going nuts wanting to move forward on it but NO studio and NO money make me resentful. I want to create!

My dear husband is sympathetic and tries to do what he can to help. The total cost of the project thus far will total $200. That is because you can’t just get small amounts of what I need for cheep. It all comes in bulk and such.

I am very excited about it though and I have made several more pictures. I will post them once I get them painted. Need to find the box with my paints in it first… I am going to experiment with making a water-stained and distressed looking paper and then encapsulate it in resin layers. This will give me options as to how to mount them, wire wrap, cab cup, etc.

Saving for a house, please let the bank say yes and give us the one we want…

Later all


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