Hair and Gears…

Since I cannot yet move forward on my jewelry idea I instead decided I had been away from my 2d art way to long. Well that and my hubby told me I haven’t drawn in too long. He’s right, so I sat down on Sat. and knocked something out, I though it was a well designed and cool looking picture so I showed him. He laughed. I was momentarily mortified till he explained that the way she was positioned made her look like her hair was caught in the gears. Argh… how had I missed that?

Well I finished the pic anyway and have titled it ‘Stuck’. I have nothing if I do not have my sense of humor. I like it.


2 Responses to “Hair and Gears…”

  1. Hi. I’m giving you the Sunshine Award for bringing a smile to my face!

  2. Stan the Tentacled Horror Says:

    As always, these pieces have a timeless quality to them that defies the vapid, ill-constructed conventions of modern digital art. No ridiculous breasts or superfluous cat ears. No giant swords or preposterous proportions. No porn-star/swimsuit model open mouths and bizarre poses. Take note, young artists, and use these pieces as tributes to how to make something sensual without making it sexual. Also, remember that your art sucks. Buy my wife’s stuff instead and join the IT industry like the rest of us drones.

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