A steaming bowl of art stew

Wow… I have been putting out art like never before, well maybe when I was in school. I have 2 pieces 45% to 90% finished to put up in the next few days as well as a third project. This one is going to be a triptych (art geek points to anyone who knows what it is) with three women each with a celestial item, ie the sun, moon and stars. I have done a bunch of research on astrolabes and celestial measurements to give it some fun in the background.

Other news: I will be in several art shows at cons this year. I will update the calender and blog for each. The last con I sent art out to was bad. I had everything returned, not a single sale. Hoping for better this time, we will see. I am also considering putting up matted prints on both my MV official store and my etsy shop. What do you think? Good idea, bad idea?

I also received my resin and I am going to do photos of my experiments with it and post them sometime next week (if I get them done). Hoping I don’t make a huge mess out of everything… Wish me luck!

Take care all,

PS, here is an unfinished teaser of my latest pic:


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