Triple Trouble Triptych

Hi all. As promised I am posting about my latest project. Well I ended up really getting into it this weekend and actually finished the piece. So instead of a work-in-progress blog you get a ‘lookie new art’ blog. Doing three separate images that work together to make one image was an interesting challenge. For the most part it was fun and it gave me a chance to try out the gear templates I cut out of recycled plastic last week. They worked very well and made it so much faster to get the gears laid out in the picture.

SO the image in my head began with cogs, wheels, measures, a dash of steampunk, Astrolabes and all those instruments used through history to measure the heavens, then I added a pinch of mysticism and tossed in the female form. Topping it off with bizarre, sexy and unrealistic dresses and hair and viola! You have this:

And some close ups:

Celestial Triptych: Sola the Sun

Celestial Triptych: Stella the Star

Celestial Triptych: Luna the Moon


2 Responses to “Triple Trouble Triptych”

  1. these are excellent.
    i might try a tryptic myself.
    Thanks for the inspiration

  2. Stan the Tentacled Horror Says:

    Never has so much been worn, to cover so little 🙂

    I liked Stella the best, by far. I know you say you suck at action, but her body language isn’t terribly “pose-y”, like she literally just turned to smile at us.

    Great work as always, love.

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