A few pearls at a time…

I am going to go slow on my uploads of my new stuff. I do not want to bombard everyone with an avalanche of images. So I will do 3 today and 3 in a few days and so on. Keep watching, I am so very pleased with the things I have been doing these past few months and I am so very excited to share them with all of you.
So first a new link: featuring my work I recommend the blog ‘Free Time Crafts’ with PZ Designs to anyone who crafts and is also endeavoring to make a fulfilling life with it. So go look!

Next my studio!!!!! Just passing on a couple pics of my new space in all of it’s cluttered and messy glory:

Now the artwork:
A bit’o shell, a painted piece of bone, a few pearls and a serpentine stone. Most importantly a tiny bottle with sand, a tiny iridescent shell, and a miniature message. The perfect pirate’s charm.

Beast mask:

the Minotaur Mask:


One Response to “A few pearls at a time…”

  1. I am so jealous of your art studio room! You’re so fortunate!

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