Doors to Faerieland

Thanks to my beloved Grandma, Betty Pope, I grew up reading and rereading books like Brian Froud and Alan Lee’s ‘Faeries’(wonderful treat here) and the wonderful ‘Enchanted World’ series by Time Life. So it really is no surprise that I see doors to mystical realms everywhere. I can’t help it, life would be so boring without imagination and who’s to say such things never existed. I found this little blurb about my Grandma on the net here:

Ken Sanders , a rare book dealer in Salt Lake City Utah sent me the science fiction bookplate used by Elizabeth D. Pope. In his email he states that : ” Betty or Elizabeth Pope attended many worldcons in her day, mainly in the 1950s through the 80s and the 90s and met and became friendly with numerous sci fi authors of the day.Through Brigham Young University she was able to arrange for many of them to come through and over the years accumulated a vast collection of f & sf books.I purchased approximately 2500 books from her collection ,out of more than 10,000 books.”

I miss you Grandma.

On the the picture, I finally finished this piece. And notice I had to add some gears in there…

Please click to go see a larger image, it is well worth it!

I had a lot of fun adding little details even if I cut short the details I wanted to add so i could preserve my sanity. Sanity is overrated. My favorite part is the softly tattered green cloth draping the main fay creature and her wings. They turned out nice I think.

Thanks for reading the blog! I do so love sharing my creations with all of you.


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