Long Awaited Results

So for any who have followed this blog I have been trying to come up with a way to use my 2d art with my 3d jewelry skills. Well I finally have some results for you to see! I have learned how to make solder frames so I have been putting my art in them and making pendants. They are all very tiny, the largest 1×3 inches, but you will see what I mean…

Here is my first set:
Mountain City

With a visual idea of their size:

Another set waiting for it’s solder finish (Click to see a larger version on DA):

And lastly just several images waiting to be cut and put together into pendants. Yes they are all hand inked and yes they are that small.
I know I am crazy.


3 Responses to “Long Awaited Results”

  1. Thanks for the note, these are lovely! How much time does it take to solder the frames?


  2. Lori Michelle Says:

    I purchased one of your fine art pendants this last weekend at the World Horror Convention in Salt Lake City. I LOVE it and am looking forward to buying more in the near future

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