The Ascendants: part 2

So today we are just focusing on our next pc (player character). This is Beth’s Character Lily:

“Lillian is the youngest daughter of Edward, a famous and respected mechanist and engineer, who worked for both the Baron and his father before his death. Edward’s eldest son and Lilly’s half-brother, William, took over his father’s position afterward, but Lilly, always Edward’s favorite, was allowed to help out as William’s apprentice. Their relationship changed, however, when Lilly encountered a strange object, seemingly fallen from the sky. The object spoke to her, before seeming to evaporate. Lilly awoke later to find that she had gained an almost instinctual understanding of machines and the workings of the world around her. The object seemed to have merged with her, and she found that she could not only design and build devices of unheard of complexity, but could actually control mechanical objects without touching them. At first, William tried to quickly marry Lilly off, before she could manage to usurp his position. But, once the Baron became accustomed to Lilly’s amazing devices, William found he couldn’t maintain the charade without her. Besides not wanting to embarrass her older brother, Lilly keeps up the charade as William’s understudy because it leaves her free to experiment and invent without having to deal with the Baron.”

And her Picture:

More about her and her widgets:

“The Widgets are a large group of self-replicating arthropoid mechanical drones that inhabit Lilly’s workshop and, occasionally, her vehicles. The typical Widget is roughly six inches tall, with four legs and one or two arms. They have no discernible sensory nodes, but navigate tight spaces with autonomy and efficiency. They communicate, seemingly, through a complex language of clicks, whirs, and semantic gestures with their limbs. The Widget’s arms (which typically terminate in claws, scissors, pincers or some other similar tool) wear out quickly, and are therefore interchangeable. A governing Widget (‘Grumpy’, mentioned above) will pull defective or inefficient limbs off of other Widgets and replace them.

It isn’t clear whether the Widgets are actually sentient, or are simply controlled subconsciously through Lilly’s technokinesis.”


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