The Ascendants: part 3

This part will be about Nico…

“Nico is the eldest son of a gypsy family that frequently circuits through Convington. Two years ago, he met Violet, daughter of a wealthy merchant family in town. Heartstruck and starcrossed, the two have nonetheless maintained a secret romance through the seasons. Violet is getting on in years (she’s nearly 17!!), though, and her father, still ignorant of her and Nicho’s love, has been working hard to get her engaged and properly settled down with someone that will further the family’s position. Their love seemed doomed, until Nico discovered his Ascendance. His family has just returned to Covington, and he’s eager to see Violet.”

Oh and he can fly and use telekenisis. Oh yeah and his mother is an oracle.

From one of our adventures in Nico’s words:
“We arrived back from sea and entered town, finding that Violet’s parents were having an engagement party. For Violet. Without me. As papi used to say, The shrimp that falls asleep gets carried away by the current. I rushed back to Lilly’s workshop to find a presentable suit of armor which she hastily threw together. Like Papi also said, Ignorance is courageous, so I dragged Lilly with me – in case I needed counseling with regards to proper etiquette of engineering a public dissolution of marriage arrangements. It was probably a good thing that Synda was roasting in her oven because things didn’t go smoothly…. ”

it is awesomely written, go read:

And his Picture:


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