the Ascendants: part 5

Fin and Sorrah:

Brave and true, as a boy should be, Fin is a free-spirited sea-kin ascendant. His mortal parents scarcely more than a hazy memory, Fin has spent most of his short life fishing, fighting, and playing with his guardian and best friend, Ogo. A terrifying sight to the uninitiated, Ogo is large enough to swallow a rowboat in a single gulp, or swamp a navy frigate like a child’s bath toy.

Despite his size, though, Ogo is a curious, friendly creature, quite oblivious to the terror his size causes the tiny Fin-shaped creatures that he passes on his way from place to place.

Ogo’s serpentine shape and massive size allow him to travel through the water at tremendous speeds. His curiosity is matched only by Fin’s, and together they have traveled further and seen more of the world than virtually anyone else alive.

The anatomy of Fin’s binary respiratory system makes normal speech difficult. For this reason, in addition to his trusty knife, Fin usually carries the poisonous spine of the Babblefish, a strange creature native to waters so foreign that, apparently, only Fin and Ogo have ever seen one. Anyone stung by the Babblefish, though, acquires the curious ability to understand anyone ELSE that has been stung, so the first trial of friendship with Fin is to be stuck with a needle-like, poisoned barb.

Fin was befriended by Nicho, Lily and Synda shortly before their first battle with the Alchemist. Since then, Fin has made sure to keep in touch with his friends, occasionally providing them with information from the lands beneath the waves, or coming to them to ask for help.”

-Steve Wilcox


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