The Ascendants: part 6

Today we have Archangel…

“No lord of any standing would be caught on a battlefield without an ascendant to champion their army, and, as champions go, there are few better than The Archangel. As skilled as he is powerful, The Archangel is a master swordsman and tactician, having seen service as a knight in the years before he came into his powers. One of the first ascendants to swear service to a lord, rather than overthrow them, The Archangel is renowned far and wide as a paragon of virtue and chivalry.

But he demands as much from his lord as he demands from himself. He will not serve cowards or liars, and a lord that tarnishes the Archangel with dishonor may find himself quickly bereft of his land, or his life.”
-Steve Wilcox

And some adventures with him can be found here:


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