the Ascendants: part 7

This is Siri:

“Don’t judge. She has green skin and leaves growing in her hair; Men will look at her no matter what she wears.
Serene (Siri, to her friends) hails from one of those small mountain villages that doesn’t know their lord’s name if they have one at all. She left that village shortly after she ascended, as her powers make wearing normal clothes difficult and the attention she garned was…uncomfortable.

Generous, shy, sensual, and able to manipulate plants in almost any way imaginable, Siri is easily mistaken for some sort of forest nymph or fertility goddess. Her passive nature has frequently been to her detriment in this, as she’ll readily agree to be the servant or herald or avatar of anything, if it makes those around her more comfortable with her presence.”
-Steve Wilcox


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