the Ascendants: part 8

So here we have Red:

“Superior ability breeds superior ambition. Thus, it is no surprise that many Ascendants use their powers to dominate and subjugate, rather than toiling quietly in obscurity out of some strange devotion to the status quo. When the Ascendance first began, news of one of these strange, super-powered individuals emerging in a particular barony was cause for the local nobility to fear. The number of mortal soldiers needed to best even a moderately powerful Ascendant is more than most barons can muster, and even massive armies quail and break once one begin to lay into its ranks.
Many of the more ambitious Ascendants have taken to overthrowing lords, barons, even counts and ruling over them personally. They quickly find, though, that there is more to being a lord than mere conquest. Running even a small fief requires skills most Ascendants lack, and menial administrative tasks bore most would-be warlords to tears.
“Red” recognized this long ago. A powerful warrior, capable raising whole armies of demon-like firekin through human sacrifice, he’s more than a match for any mortal army, and most of his fellow ascendants. All he really wants is to bring order to a world in chaos, but he knows he’s no ruler. He is a conqueror. So, he wanders the land, searching for a king wise enough, mighty enough, and ruthless enough to rule it once it is conquered.
Given his name by Synda after she grew tired of everyone referring to him as “The Demon”, he has a soft spot in his heart for the bull-headed fire-weaver. More than once, he has betrayed his current master to save her, or even merely to please her. Their frequent entanglements, though, always end poorly. ”

-Steve Wilcox


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