The Ascendants: part 9

A rogue is a rogue… Here is Rudy:

“Little is known about Rudolf Randolf Randhearst (“Rudy” to his friends), beyond that he is an Ascendant, he is charming, and, despite being unable to level cities, conjure armies or even fly, he can be very, very dangerous.

Rudy’s reflexes are fast enough to be described as supernatural. He can hide anywhere, pick any lock, dodge any bullet, find vulnerable spots in the thickest armor, and hit those spots with any weapon that comes to hand. Their entire potential concentrated into one brief, shining moment, the weapon used typically crumbles to dust immediately afterward.

Born to a life of leisure, hunted by a past he’d prefer to forget, Rudy has wandered all over, looking for something that was truly worth having. And now that he’s found it, can he hold on to it?

As luck would have it, Rudy met Lily while she was on a date with another man. The Second Lord of Seven Gables had just run off in a terror, abandoning Lily to the rampages of a troll. Since one does not bring one’s mechanical suit of armor to such things, Lily was caught quite unprepared. Things might have gone very badly, had Rudy not arrived.

Together, the two of them killed the thing. More well-versed in the opposite sex than he’d admit in mixed company, Rudy was surprised that such a pretty head had so much in it. So stricken was he, in fact, by Lily’s charms, that he wasn’t really listening when she told him where she lived, and which baron’s court she served. This proved awkward when Lily found herself squared off against her handsome savior when Covington’s forces arrayed themselves against Herringsworth.”
-Steve Wilcox


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