1000 figure project

Here I sit staring at 500 sheets of generic copy paper. Why? Because I have lacked discipline. Use it or lose it is truly an appropriate saying for any talent or skill, and I do not use mine enough, so I am going to draw at least 1 figure a day. More is better, but 1 is mandatory and I am not going to stop until I have 1000 figures.

I have tried to implement this discipline in my life many times before and have always failed. It is hard to do something like this when for months at a time mental illness interferes and makes you believe that everything you are putting out is worthless. Now I have a wonderful husband who supports my art both emotionally and financially. He has helped me get through so many dark days in the 3 years we have been married and has been encouraging of my desire to draw more. I also figure if I share the experience on the blog not only will it have more regular content but I hope to feel more encouragement from being able to go back and see how I have been coming along. Also any comments and encouragement would be dearly appreciated.

I do have new art, one piece in particular I am anxious to share, however I lost my Photoshop and I need a good program like it that I can piece my scans together in. My drawings average 10x12inches and I have to scan in parts and paste in the comp.


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