Twelve Tales Pictures and Coloring Book

I have been busily working on several thing artistic and not the past several months.  I finished the 2015 World Horror Logo you can’t see yet.  I am working with my friend Brandon Almond to make some etched copper plates to decorate some wood boxes.  Oh and playing with Dolls.  But the biggest project is my new fairy tale series called simply Twelve Tales.

I posted about it on my DA journal here: Twelve Tales on DA

Simply put the 12 pic will be:

Snow White
Sleeping Beauty
The Goose Girl
Red Ridding Hood
The Frog Prince
Swan Lake
East of the Sun, West of the Moon
Beauty and the Beast
The Little Mermaid

Now the update:  I have some preliminary Pictures… (the Photos suck a little…ok a lot but you get the idea.)



And now some of the inked ones:



I have decided to scan the outline drawings and make them into a very affordable coloring book.  Oh and my Creative Hubby is going to write little story vignettes for them too.

I just have 3 left to draw & ink and 1 to ink.


One Response to “Twelve Tales Pictures and Coloring Book”

  1. They will make a gorgeous coloring book. My fingers tingle looking at them. =)

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