Twelve Tales update

I just have a little update today.  I have the book laid out, the art nearly done, and I have finally decided on a binding.  All I have left is to write some story segments, design a font for the book, and get it printed.  Here is a sample of one of the story segments and it’s picture:


Chirping at the windowsill…

…were her bird friends, a couple of wrens, finches, and a robin. It had become an habit every morning for Snow to leave the crumbs and crusts from the meal the night before on the sill for the birds.   This morning she was late and mama robin was letting her know what she thought of that.

They had no fear of her, they never had. Birds liked her, so did her nurse’s grouchy cat, and her fathers hunting dogs, and the horses, the squirrels, the deer, the goats. She could not actually remember an animal that did not like her. Even people liked her, with the notable exception of her step mother.

She crumbled up the crust of bread for the birds and sighed. It wasn’t that she was unhappy, in fact she was happier than she felt she had a right to be given her situation. However on mornings like these with the sun shining just so she couldn’t help but remember her life in her father’s castle. She missed him and his household so much. She wondered what they were doing without her as she picked up the broom from the corner by the hearth and began to sweep.

She was so lost in memory that she didn’t notice the birds had stopped singing, or that a cloud had covered the morning sun.

A sharp knock sounded loudly on the door and Snow, startled, dropped the broom. Looking in at her through the small round window in the door was a small old woman. She was bent and hunched in a tattered cloak and only stood as tall as one of the dwarves. Her hands were long fingered and would be elegant but they were gnarled with age. In her hands she carried a basket, a large basket full of apples.

“Good morning Dearie, Could you spare a sip of water for an old lady? I would gladly give you one of my delicious apples for the kindness…”



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