SLCC nine days to go… For today: EB’s Confectionarium

So for today’s countdown to Comic Con I have a treat from my coloring book ‘Miss Minerva Prim’s PocketGuide to the Fashionable Elite of St. Augustine’.  This is a charming couple enjoying a frozen confection at Elizabeth Bricklesbury’s confectionarium after taking a sky tour of St. Augustine.  The coloring book version is of course just outlines, this is my completed version.  (click it for a larger view…)


“Not all of Ralph’s girls build huge machines or budding empires.  The Second daughter Elizabeth, specializes in smaller machines that make sugary confections.  Also called the ‘Sweets Queen’ of St. Augustine, Elizabeth began by intently watching her mother in the kitchen.  Every time her father brought home a gizmo or gadget to help her mother’s work load in the kitchen she would fine tune them and keep them running.  It wasn’t long before she was making plans for new machines that chilled cream or pulled sugar.

Today she runs a very special sweets shop in  St. Augustine along the bustling boardwalk overlooking the boat harbor and airship port.  The city’s favorite treats are available there such as, lemon ice, berry custard, almond cranberry cookies, toasted nuts, salt water taffy, and more.  You can even watch Elizabeth and the machines at work through the large workshop windows.  
Be sure to visit after your flying tour of the city.”

–from the coloring book: ‘Miss Minerva Prim’s PocketGuide to the Fashionable Elite of St. Augustine’

The coloring book is for sale in my etsy shop here: Steampunk Coloring Book


For those of you who have ever been to a Leatherby’s you may recognize the ice cream, it is modeled on their ‘Grandma Grace’s Sundae’. 


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