SLCC Countdown 7: The Little Mermaid

Though she is not so little…  here is my little mermaid fully inked and ready for out countdown.  I am getting so excited for this year’s Salt Lake Comic Con!  Wondering if I need to get a new plastic skull to carry around and get awesome artist signatures on…

Here is her excerpt from the coloring book:

“Around and around she twirled and her silky skirts swirled around her like a whirlpool.  Never in Emberly’s life had she expected the surface world to be so full of sensations.

The first thing that struck her when the Prince  brought her to the market was the smell.  It wasn’t like she had never smelled underwater but things were so different in the air.  She could smell everything from the stands of sun warmed fruits to the fishmongers early morning catch.

They walked by a stall where a plump woman with a child on her hip was selling fresh baked breads and treats.  Bread was a strange thing to her, strange but pleasant.  It was so much drier than her usual fare.  The best thing she had tasted so far was the fantastic sticky buns that the Prince’s chef fed her that morning.  She had eaten at least four.

And the colors, oh the colors.  Prince Nels was very amused at her reaction to the cloth stall and the tailor’s wares.  She had to touch every bolt of fabric, every piece of silk or velvet.  She clasped her hands in wonder when the vendor waved a large piece a red silk in the air before her.  It caught the sunlight and glittered.

And fur, oh fur was a treat for her hands.  She didn’t want to stop petting the cats that hung around the square.  There was a mother and half a dozen kittens for sale on the corner and the prince bought a couple little ones.  He then slipped them into the basket Emberly was carrying and watched as they mewed and climbed for her attention.

She started then looked in her basket.  A glowing smile spread across her face and she laughed.  The Prince chuckled at her enjoyment feeling it soften his heart.  He wished she could talk so she could tell him all the things she obvious wanted to.  It had been a fun day, but the frustration of not being able to share her thoughts was ever present.”

–from Twelve Tales (for sale here: Twelve Tales Coloring Book)


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