SLCC Countdown #6: Cinderella

Been a very busy day so far… so this will be short.  Day 6 of my #SLCC countdown is Cinderella from my Twelve tales series…

And here is her blurbage: 

“Of course the shoes were magical.  No one could wear such delicate glass shoes without  breaking them on the wide stone steps.  Cinderella gracefully kept her wide skirts lifted just enough for her to lift her foot as she climbed the stairs.  Every step her glass slippers appeared from under all the fluff to glint and sparkle in the lantern light.  She still couldn’t believe she was about to walk into the party of the year.

    Just a mere hour ago she had been crying hopelessly in the garden in the tattered remains of her mother’s best party dress.  Just when she had been sure there was no more reason to hope she heard a squeaking noise.   As she looked down at her feet she was surprised to see four bold mice staring up at her.  Behind them was a long green lizard.  And her father’s old hunting dog was rolling a great fat pumpkin toward her with his nose.  She blinked thinking the tears had made her see things.

“An odd collection of creatures I know, but they will have to do on such short notice.”  Cinderella looked up to see a tall elegant woman in a black sparkling dress staring down at her.  “Well don’t dawdle, we haven’t much time left.”

“Who are you?”  Cinderella began to ask.

The woman had rolled her eyes and frowned. “Short version, I am your fairy godmother.  We need to get you to the ball.   I am magical, and impatient.  Now stand up.”

    Cinderella caught herself drifting along with the memory.  She scolded herself, ‘pay attention girl, you’re nearly to the top of the stairs.  Time to make your entrance.’

    The windows of the castle were all blazing with light from within.  As soon as the light had fallen upon Cinderella, her dress, her hair, her jewelry, even her skin seemed to sparkle.  She smoothed her long gloves, took a deep breath, and stepped into the lit up ballroom unannounced.”

–from the Twelve Tales Coloring Book for sale here: Twelve Tales Coloring Book


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