SLCC Countdown day 5: Rumplestiltskin

I always loved this story.  I have no idea why.  So for day 5 of the #SLCC countdown I present Rumplestiltskin:


And from her story:

“The room was hot and dry. Angelina felt a sneeze tickling her nose.  It had been there all day growing as she watched the dust motes flit in and out of the beam of sunlight that fell across her embroidery.  She looked at her new baby snug in his cradle for the hundredth time today.  Worry creased her brow and a desperate frown pulled at her pretty lips.  If they didn’t find the name today they would lose the baby to that awful little man.

    No, David would not let that happen, her husband and king would not let anyone take their son.  But could he stop the little man’s magic?  He had spun straw into gold before Angelina’s very eyes, not once, but three times.  He had appeared from thin air and left the way he had come.  Oh, why had she agreed to his last bargain!  Surely King David’s late father would not have actually had her killed for failing to make gold from straw…

    “The past is in the past and you cannot change that, we can only go forward.  It is impossible to know what could have happened, but my father was a cruel and greedy man.  I know you did what you had to do to save your life.”  David had said to her before he kissed her and headed out to scour the countryside for a name that belonged to the little magician.

    The baby stirred in his sleep and Angelina pushed her embroidery away to scoop his tiny form up in her arms.  How hard it was to hold on to hope when all seemed so desperate.

    A servant came and told her there was someone to see her, a man of the woods from high in the mountains.   The servant said the man had heard of their plight and had a tale to tell her that may be useful.  She told them to hurry and bring him in.  A tall and rough man entered dressed in wood working gear and stout boots.

“Your majesty,” he bowed.  “ I know the name of the little man who is threatening you…””

–From my coloring book for sale here: Twelve Tales Coloring Book


I have more jewelry for tomorrow and a surprise…


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