SLCC Countdown #3: Red Riding Hood

oh man…. I am running out of time!  Day 3 of our Salt Lake Comic Con countdown is here already!  So for today I have for your viewing pleasure the not so little Red Riding Hood.

And from the coloring book:

“The forest was dark as usual.  It  was always dark under the thick evergreen boughs.  The sunlight only broke through in small patches .  It shone on the many wildflowers that  clustered and fought for light.  Red’s favorite was the lily-of-the-valley, it was so delicate and smelled so sweet.

    Grandmother would surely enjoy the flowers as much as the basket of food and goodies that her mother had so lovingly prepared.  Red wondered to why Grandmother stubbornly insisted on staying in the forest home.  It was getting so old and run down.  Grandfather built it in his prime when he worked as a woodsman tending and harvesting the forest’s trees.  Maybe that is why she stayed.

    A patch of gold-red flowers caught her eye and Red stepped lightly closer to it, plucking the blossoms to add to her bouquet.  It was awfully nice of the wolf to show her where to find them in exchange for the meat and cheese from her lunch.  They had spent an entertaining meal sitting along side the path, Red eating her bread and the wolf eating his meat and cheese and telling her funny stories about the other forest animals.

    She added a few more yellow flowers to the ones in her hand before looking around to see where the wolf had gotten to.  He had seemed awfully interested in where she was going, and she wondered why.  If he hadn’t been so nice she would have been more suspicious.  As it was he had not yet given her a reason to be on guard and other than the fact that he was a meat eating wild hunter, he had been quite gentlemanly.

    Above her a great owl shifted and let out a disgruntled hoot.  It startled Red and instinctively she grabbed the hunting knife that she kept tied in it’s sheath behind her back at her waist.  Then she chuckled at herself, why did she feel so jumpy all of a sudden.  And where had that wolf gone.”

–From the Twelve Tales Coloring Book, for sale here: Twelve Tales


Now back to frantic work for me…


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