Fun With Color: Beauty and the Beast

So here is another of my experimentations with digitally coloring my art…

I like this one.  I do not think i will do a lot of this because I really hate painting on the comp.  I don’t fee connected to the art since I cannot touch it or use my hands on it.  I do really like the antique paper look with the pen and ink though.  Lemmie know what you think in the comments!


Also here is her story snippet from the Twelve Tales Coloring Book

“Bright sunlight fell on the open book that rested in her lap.  Beauty’s smooth comforting voice filled the room as she read aloud.  The Beast sat curled at her feet, head resting on her knee.  All these years alone in the castle had been difficult, but the worst had been having all these stories at hand and not being able to read them because of his beastly hands.

It had become their habit to sit for hours in the library and read before the fire, it was one of the few things to do in the depth of winter.  They would read stories of adventure, tales of humor, books of philosophy and history.  Then they would talk about what they had read.  Beauty was surprised at the Beast’s intelligence and obvious education, and he enthusiastically shared with her his knowledge.

Beauty loved reading aloud, she loved sharing the stories that thrilled her imagination, and best of all being able to talk to someone else about them.  At home her sisters and father and herself had all been too busy to enjoy them.  It was a rare but special occasion when the family could afford to let her use a candle and read to them on the evenings when winter left them with little to do.  She felt a pang of homesickness in her chest and paused in her reading.

The Beast looked up at her and he felt that tightening around his heart that had been bothering him so much of late.  He knew she was thinking of home, of her family, and he felt guilty keeping her from them.  He looked away with a sigh.  He also knew what the tightness in his chest meant, he was in love with his dear Beauty and knew he could not go back to living without her.  It would kill him.  There was another option though, he could give her the magical mirror that would show her what and whom she desired to see, hopefully it would be enough.”


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  1. I like. I really like.

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