Art Challenges and Meatballs

Had a couple rough months health-wise, but all is getting better.  My friend, Kathrin Elsholz, nominated me for the 5 day art today and I decided to make it into a blog thing.

The Rules:  Simply post 1-3 pieces of art for 5 days and nominate someone else when I am done.

So here are my pictures for today…

1. Something old: This was for a final in one of my Illustration classes back in 2001, it is called ‘What a Charming Sound…’ and was inspired by a song by Splashdown called ‘beguiled’. (ignore the website, it has been dead for ages.)

2. More old… This was from 2009 and is titled Ximona the first. It is a character with a long history and lore in one of my hubby’s RP worlds. Some experimenting with pen and graphite. I like making awesome looking armor, and no I do not care what you have to say about boob-shaped breastplates, there is historical president for it so :P.

3. Not so old… And for fun here is Ximona the 2nd, no relation to Ximona the first just named after her. She has a metric ton of stories about her since she is my Hubby’s favorite character of mine. Note her awesome sentient 2 handed eyeball sword named Ochma with abandonment issues.

3 more coming tomorrow.

And meatballs… ‘Moochies Meatballs and more’ is opening a location in Lehi, eventually.  Hurry Up Moochies!!!


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