Random Thoughts 01

It’s Thursday.  I said to myself, ‘self, every Thursday you are going to write a blog about something..  Or Else!  Got it?’  And i replied to my self, ‘Ok sure, that sounds like a good idea.’  That was in January.

Let’s look at that… There have been 12 Thursdays since the start of the new year and I have posted, let’s see, 7 times.

So that isn’t going quite how I imagined it would, but hey, it’s Thursday and I am writing now!

Not sure what to write about so I am just going to randomly think things.  Welcome to my head space. You have been warned.

Why is it that things have gotten so politicized and polarized in this country we can’t have a simple and rational discussion with anyone any more?  I have found out that more of my friends are anti-vaccination people and it makes me crazy.  Tried to share a good video about the triangle shirt factory fire and world wide workers rights with people on facebook only to be ignored.  Mostly facebooks fault I am sure.

Going to the doctor’s office in 30 min. to see if I can adjust my meds up because I am in a lot more fibro pain recently and I feel a ‘down’ phase coming on in my depression so I will need more anti-depressants.  Fed up with pain and it’s negative effects on my stamina both physical and emotional.

Constantly worrying about my sister’s and my parents who all have to live together (that is mom and dad and 3 grown women in the same house, poor dad.)

Trepidatious (it should be a word!) about submitting art to the DragonCon art show jury for the 1st time.  Excited about my hubby and I getting to make a story with art to be published in the ever awesome and annual  ‘Cliches for a Cause.’ (go buy the 1st anthology here, it is for a good cuase.)  Also going to be published (3 of my 12 tales pictures) in the upcoming ‘Young Ravens Literary Review‘.

Sad I didn’t sell a single thing in the ConDor art show, but I kind of expected that.  Need money as always to secure booth spaces.  Like really need to secure them like now.  Don’t have moolah to advertize my etsy shop.

Miss my Grandmother who was my patron and my kindred spirit.  And the first person I want to share every finished work of art with but can’t anymore.

Very happy to have my hubby, he is my rock and never ceases to make me laugh.  Also my Step-son Tim, his daily hugs keep me going.

So there you have it.  My mind at the moment in a… nutshell?  Nutshell may be to small (or too big depending on who you ask).  Hopefully I will have more art to share or something by next week so I don’t bore everyone. 😛


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