An Interview, Manufactured Demands, and Bottled Water.

Today I am taking on something that make me rage.  The out of control ‘manufactured demands’ created by greedy corporations in the world.  Specifically the myths about bottled water.  I will spare you the super long tirade and rant and simply ask a few questions and give you a video.  Oh there is good news at the end too so make sure you make it though!

Do you believe that bottled water is cleaner and better for you than tap water?

Do you believe that everyone in our country has the right to free clean water?

Do you believe corporations like Nestle and Coke, care about more than the money in their consumers wallets?

Watch this and remember what corporations (Not all mind you but most) really want from you.

When I toured Europe in 1996 I was told not to drink the water in any country, not even England.  With a bottle of water costing $3 US and being on a VERY limited budget, I asked our tour director who had been doing this specific tour for years if any of the water was safe.  He looked at me like I was nuts and said “I have always used tap water and never had any trouble.”  So I drank the tap water and guess what… Nothing happened.

So for the good new?  Well yours truly was accepted to share some illustrations in the Young Raven’s Literary Review online Journal!  They interviewed me and that interview is up right now on their site.  They are featuring the following pieces: Beauty and the Beast, Snow White, and Little Mermaid.  This is a first for me, the interview part, and I am really excited!!!  Go see my interview!


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