Bobbie Berendson is an independent artisan living in the grand cultural hub of Lehi, Utah. A classical illustrator by training, and a lifelong student of history, costume and culture, she brings a unique perspective to her craft.
She maintains a thriving household full of friends, family and felines, and spends her free-time contriving new ways to work herself into an early grave.

Creating, Art, Making Jewelry, Hunting the Elusive Muse, Cooking, Drawing and painting
Favorite Music:
Always changing, currently: The Vincent Black Shadow, KONGOS, Awolnation
Favorite TV Shows:
Archaeology shows, Science shows, Venture Brothers, Robot Chicken, Firefly,
Favorite Movies:
Lord Of The Rings, Labrynth, Hellboy 2, Haunting of Hill House,
Favorite Books:
Oh far too many to mention.
Favorite Quotations:
“oh look…a bare-chested half-woman thing…I bet Bobbie just hates it”
About Me:
Ummm… I like… Stuff.

2 Responses to “About”

  1. Bobbie, I love, love, love your ink work! You are a fantastic illustrator.

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