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Art & Craft Classes for June

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Well Hello All!  Got the links for all five art classes here in one place.  It is a bit of a linking bounce fest mind you.

Basic Drawing for Kids ages 8-14

Advanced Art classes for Teens

Kids Basic Craft Classes

Kids Advanced Craft Classes

Beginning Cosplay Classes


There will be more in July and August, I will post those in a few days.


SLCC Countdown Day 4: A Surprise Project and Jewelry

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I have several pieces for the Salt Lake Comic Con Countdown today.  Four pieces exactly for day 4.

Fist the surprise…  ‘Our Lady of the Gears’ Copper Etched Wooden Art Box by yours truly and copper etching by Brandon Almond.

I am so pleased with how well this turned out!  If it any of these don’t sell at Comic Con they will be for sale next week on my etsy shop here: Metallic Visions

Now Jewelry:

And now with real opal…


Stay tuned for more art for day 3 tomorrow!


SLCC Countdown day 5: Rumplestiltskin

Posted in Art & Illustration, Coloring Books, Events on August 31, 2014 by Bobbie Berendson W.

I always loved this story.  I have no idea why.  So for day 5 of the #SLCC countdown I present Rumplestiltskin:


And from her story:

“The room was hot and dry. Angelina felt a sneeze tickling her nose.  It had been there all day growing as she watched the dust motes flit in and out of the beam of sunlight that fell across her embroidery.  She looked at her new baby snug in his cradle for the hundredth time today.  Worry creased her brow and a desperate frown pulled at her pretty lips.  If they didn’t find the name today they would lose the baby to that awful little man.

    No, David would not let that happen, her husband and king would not let anyone take their son.  But could he stop the little man’s magic?  He had spun straw into gold before Angelina’s very eyes, not once, but three times.  He had appeared from thin air and left the way he had come.  Oh, why had she agreed to his last bargain!  Surely King David’s late father would not have actually had her killed for failing to make gold from straw…

    “The past is in the past and you cannot change that, we can only go forward.  It is impossible to know what could have happened, but my father was a cruel and greedy man.  I know you did what you had to do to save your life.”  David had said to her before he kissed her and headed out to scour the countryside for a name that belonged to the little magician.

    The baby stirred in his sleep and Angelina pushed her embroidery away to scoop his tiny form up in her arms.  How hard it was to hold on to hope when all seemed so desperate.

    A servant came and told her there was someone to see her, a man of the woods from high in the mountains.   The servant said the man had heard of their plight and had a tale to tell her that may be useful.  She told them to hurry and bring him in.  A tall and rough man entered dressed in wood working gear and stout boots.

“Your majesty,” he bowed.  “ I know the name of the little man who is threatening you…””

–From my coloring book for sale here: Twelve Tales Coloring Book


I have more jewelry for tomorrow and a surprise…

SLCC Countdown Day 8: Snow White

Posted in Art & Illustration, Coloring Books, Events on August 28, 2014 by Bobbie Berendson W.

Today for the SL Comic Con countdown, we begin with the first of the 12 tales that I have completed inking.  I am experimenting with digitally coloring these, but finishing that is going to take some time.  So I figured i would share the black and white versions and share the colored ones later when they are done.

So here is Snow White from my Twelve Tales series.  Check out the coloring book here: 12 Tales Coloring Book

Here is the story segment from the coloring book:

“Chirping at the windowsill were her bird friends; a few
wrens and a robin.  It had become a habit every morning for
Snow to leave the crumbs and crusts from the meal the night
before on the sill for the birds.   This morning she was
late and mama robin was letting her know what she thought 
of that.

    They had no fear of her, they never had.  Birds
liked her, so did her nurse’s grouchy cat, and her fathers
hunting dogs, and the horses, the squirrels, the deer, and
the goats.  She couldn’t remember having met an animal that
did not like her. Even people liked her, with the notable
exception of her step mother.  

    She crumbled up the crust of bread for the birds and
sighed.  It wasn’t that she was unhappy, in fact she was
happier than she felt she had a right to be, given her
situation.  However on mornings like these  with the sun
shining just so she couldn’t help but remember her life in
her father’s castle.  She missed him and his household so
much.  She wondered what they were doing without her as she
picked up the broom from the corner by the hearth  and began
to sweep.

    She was so lost in memory that she didn’t notice the
birds had stopped singing, or that a cloud had covered the
morning sun.

    A sharp knock sounded loudly on the door and Snow,
startled, dropped the broom.  Looking in at her through the
small round window in the door was a small old woman.  She
was bent and hunched in a tattered cloak and only stood as
tall as one of the dwarves.  Her hands were long fingered
and were gnarled with age.  In her hands she carried a
basket full of apples.

“Good morning Dearie, Could you spare a sip of water for an
old lady?  I would gladly give you one of my delicious
apples for the kindness…””


Yep I wrote it too, wanted to be a writer when I was young.  Not as good at it as I was back in high school when I wrote all the time.  Flirted with the idea of re-writing all of the tales with my own spin on them for the book but that would be too long and would take me years to finish.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s countdown treat!

World Horror & Creepy Dolls

Posted in Events on June 12, 2012 by Bobbie Berendson W.

Finished up World Horror Con last Month. What Fun it was! Had several new additions to the shop including $5 and $8 bargain bins, New creepy dolls, and a lot more art jewelry. Wanted to post some pics of the dolls and the booth for all of you. Big BIG thanks to everyone who looked, commented, and/or purchased from us, you’re all awesome!

Twins: new art

Posted in Art & Illustration, Events, Generic Musings on February 15, 2010 by Bobbie Berendson W.

New Art! Not sure what to say about this one. I wanted to do a picture full of symbols and with two lovely women in strange clothing. So ummmm… there you go. The title is lack luster though. Taking suggestions for a better one.

I finished this one on the first day of the LTUE symposium. It was a very fun time and things picked up from last year (as far as my booth sales). It was a busy and very well attended event and everyone seemed to have a great time.

Resin-ting and Patience

Posted in Art Jewelry, Events, Generic Musings on February 4, 2010 by Bobbie Berendson W.

So I have decided to go with resin casting for this project. I am going nuts wanting to move forward on it but NO studio and NO money make me resentful. I want to create!

My dear husband is sympathetic and tries to do what he can to help. The total cost of the project thus far will total $200. That is because you can’t just get small amounts of what I need for cheep. It all comes in bulk and such.

I am very excited about it though and I have made several more pictures. I will post them once I get them painted. Need to find the box with my paints in it first… I am going to experiment with making a water-stained and distressed looking paper and then encapsulate it in resin layers. This will give me options as to how to mount them, wire wrap, cab cup, etc.

Saving for a house, please let the bank say yes and give us the one we want…

Later all