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Art & Craft Classes for June

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Well Hello All!  Got the links for all five art classes here in one place.  It is a bit of a linking bounce fest mind you.

Basic Drawing for Kids ages 8-14

Advanced Art classes for Teens

Kids Basic Craft Classes

Kids Advanced Craft Classes

Beginning Cosplay Classes


There will be more in July and August, I will post those in a few days.


Wrist, Stomach, Art.

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It is taking me titanic effort to write anything today. I feel so desperate for isolation and sleep. Why? Well, First, my wrist is worse than I thought and I am going to need to get surgery for it in the next few months. I couldn’t finish Inktober/Drawlloween because of it. Which really bummed me out.

Second, I have (after much deliberation and seeing 2 sisters, my dad, and his sister doing it) decided to get the Gastric Sleeve surgery. This is the one where they remove 80% of your stomach. All my family members who have gotten the surgery are doing great and have lost nearly 300lb combined. My surgery will be on January 7th. At my fattest I was 455lb and with Fibromyalgia, Sleep Apnea, Insulin resistance and PCOS, plus my low functioning thyroid I need the help.

I started the pre-op diet last week. No sugars, no carbs… ugh it has been hard. The cravings and temptations are awful but the very nasty withdrawals and de-toxing has been worse. The whole point of it is to get my fatty liver as trim as possible to prevent trouble.

However, yesterday I felt sore and achy but clear headed and focused like I haven’t in years. If this is what I get to look forward to I will gladly take it. So much of my life for the past 20 years has been eaten by brain fog. I hate brain Fog.

The odd benefit I didn’t foresee is that I have been terribly productive in making jewelry and designing the last half of the pictures I need for my new ‘Gothic Steampunk’ coloring book: “Madam Mezmerelda’s Digest of the Mystic, the Mad, and the Macabre.”

SO that is the update.  For good measure, here is a small look at the latest coloring book page I inked…



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Moving things around, bear with me. Rawr

Belly Bangle Bonanza

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FINALLY! After 2 years of planning to make some Tribal Dance gear I have finally made some sets. I am so excited about them, even if I have had some tell me ‘they aren’t striking enough’…. How can you say that if you have only seen one set?
But I digress, here are the sets I have thus far. As usual click on the pictures to see more images in the etsy shop.

Ancient Bangles:
This is the necklace, but the belt looks just like it only bigger.

Violet Tassels:
I tied up these tassels myself, I really like the movement of this one.

Raining Coins:
A simpler set, but just as fun.

Silver Sway:
Handmade the chain tassels, they swing in such an alluring way.

Creepy art-a-rama

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Just a little post to refer you to my latest collection of artists’ faves on DeviantArt:

Not Dead Yet…

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… And not for a long time. I have been very busy since we moved in and I got my studio. I will be posting a whole bunch of masks soon, hopefully tomorrow.

On an art roll… and covered in turkey.

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So I am eating a turkey roll and posting art… I have been so excited at how much art is coming out of my head of late.
New piece: Clockwork Fairy

Wanted to shout out to all the wonderful stock photo artists on DeviantArt. My three go to girls: Mizzd, Liam, and my fav lockstock.

Do not look if you have nudity issues. Those who know me know how I feel about nudity. One day I will give the rant here. Suffice to say I have no problem with the human body, nude or clothed and often prefer nude. Or part dressed if you look at my Naughty Gothic Pin-Ups…
Take care everyone!