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Time Short, Little Chatter, and New Art!

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Sooooo much going on.  Not a lot of time for me to chatter.  HOWEVER I have new art!

This is the one and only Madam Mezmerelda doing a reading in her parlor.  Enjoy!

Madam Mezmerelda’s Parlor


Vampiresses, Face-Overs, and Dead Things.

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Ok, so I have a breather for the moment and have a new/old picture to share.  I drew this one in 2011 and loved this picture except for the face.  Hated the face but didn’t know how to fix the original.  Well after some creative knife skills I managed it.  And now I love it again!  So check out the before and after face and tell me which one looks better and more natural:


And here is is in all it’s completed and colored glory!


Had some real fun with the skulls as you can tell, hehehehe.

New Art: Ralph Jr. & the Girls

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And at long last, here is the last of the completed illustrations from the “Miss Minerva Prim’s PocketGuide to the Fashionable Elite of St. Augustine.”

Here we have The Bricklesbury kids titled Ralph Jr. & the Girls.

“Rarely does a single man of such gifted gear minded genius come along as St. Augustine’s own Ralph Bricklesbury.  Ralph is a true metal minded man and though he is now retired the city has been gifted with his children who seemed to inherit his gear-mindedness.
The Bricklesbury clan, also referred to as simply ‘Ralph’s Girls’ even though the youngest is a boy, have made their way into the public eye many times.  As builders, bustle racers, mechanics, and engineers, they have shown the entire city that your mind is what maters.
The clan roster is as follows top to bottom:  Alexia age 16,  the Twins: Elizabeth  & Ellanore ages 17, Lydia age 13, Rafina age 18, Ralph Jr. age  12 and Claire age 14.
Though very close in friendship, the girls admittedly do have many friendly rivalries with each other.  Jr. writes very interesting and humorous novels about his sisters and their adventures.”

Prints are for sale in the shop: Metallic Visions

Day 5 Art Challenge

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And for the last day…  More Steampunk!

Steampunk Nouveau or Alexia at work and play: A life balancing work and play can be challenging for some, not for Alexia Bricklesbury, fourth daughter of the famed mechanic known as Ralph. She begins her days elbow deep in grease and cogs working on one of her many ingenious devices, has lunch with the boys on her crew, then heads home to clean up and dress for whatever socialite occasion she has for the evening. Though possibly not the prettiest of Ralph’s girls, Alexia is the most sociable and a very popular guest at any upper class event. She is often found at these parties entertaining a large group of metal-minded men like her father with tales of life and limb among the gears. Alexia has recently founded a charitable organization to benefit the widows of the brave men who work the engines of our ships, trains, Dirigibles, and flying machines.

Rafina in Striped Stockings: An adventuress at heart, Ralph’s eldest daughter Rafina prefers to ply her trade abroad on one of the several flying ships she has helped pioneer. Early in her life, her father Ralph took her to work with him often while he was working with a close group of engineers on a new flying ship. Her youthful ideas and drawings inspired and amused the engineers and the finished ship looked strongly similar to her art. She began saving money then to buy her own ship and at the age of 19, with a little help from Ralph, she purchased her first. Full of enterprising spirit she quickly grew her budding company, Wild Winds, to the four ships she has today. Her company offers local tourist flights around St. Augustine and it’s waterways, as well as long and short trips abroad. While traveling, Rafina can usually be found either on deck sketching her guests or below deck helping her engineers.

Lydia Clock Queen: The youngest of the Bricklesbury girls is Lydia. Her mind is a maze of ticking gears and careful timing. Even as a baby she loved clocks and often fell asleep curled up next to the families ancient grandfather clock. Lydia completed her first working clock with her father when she was just 14. It was a simple affair housed in an amateurishly carved wooden case made to look like a pineapple. She was and still is very proud of it and it keeps perfect even time ten years later. At the age of twenty she was recruited to the town’s Clocker’s Guild. The Guild is responsible for tending to and maintaining the cities more than three dozen public clocks as well as the most important clock in Brickman Square. The enormous Brickman Square clock, or Old Cranky as the Guild calls it, has become Lydia’s favorite. It was always a touchy clock with many quirks, but under Lydia’s maintenance it has never been more accurate. In her working leathers designed by her sister Claire, she is a force to be reckoned with if you are a faulty clock.

I have more that has not yet been seen on the inter-webs and a entirely new project or two in the works.  Hints: Steampunk fortune telling devices and creepy Gothic Victorian series…  Mwahahahaha!

Art Challenge Day 3

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Day three, working on preparing stuff for my upcoming panels at LTUE and feeling oddly depressed and humorous.  So I think I will stick with that theme…

This is called Family Portrait. The idea is that Death falls in love and has a family but he still looks like a skeleton in photos.

Buttons and Bows Just a pretty way to attach flesh.

Captive A bit of a riff on Beauty and the Beast with a gargoyle.

Art Challenges and Meatballs

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Had a couple rough months health-wise, but all is getting better.  My friend, Kathrin Elsholz, nominated me for the 5 day art today and I decided to make it into a blog thing.

The Rules:  Simply post 1-3 pieces of art for 5 days and nominate someone else when I am done.

So here are my pictures for today…

1. Something old: This was for a final in one of my Illustration classes back in 2001, it is called ‘What a Charming Sound…’ and was inspired by a song by Splashdown called ‘beguiled’. (ignore the website, it has been dead for ages.)

2. More old… This was from 2009 and is titled Ximona the first. It is a character with a long history and lore in one of my hubby’s RP worlds. Some experimenting with pen and graphite. I like making awesome looking armor, and no I do not care what you have to say about boob-shaped breastplates, there is historical president for it so :P.

3. Not so old… And for fun here is Ximona the 2nd, no relation to Ximona the first just named after her. She has a metric ton of stories about her since she is my Hubby’s favorite character of mine. Note her awesome sentient 2 handed eyeball sword named Ochma with abandonment issues.

3 more coming tomorrow.

And meatballs… ‘Moochies Meatballs and more’ is opening a location in Lehi, eventually.  Hurry Up Moochies!!!

A bunch of new jewelry…

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I am back from my forced trip through mononucleosis land and I have new jewelry to share!  I am going to let the pictures speak for themselves, so sit back and enjoy…


Butterfly Princess Necklace


Apothecary Necklace Set


Jingly Jewelry Set


Holly and Ivy Jewelry Set


Bottled Midnight Jewelry Set


Bottled Snow Jewelry Set


Mechanical Snow Jewelry Set

These are all up and for sale in my etsy shop and will be going with me to be sold at Utah’s Winter Faire the first weekend in December.  Check out the Winter Faire site.