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New Art: Ralph Jr. & the Girls

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And at long last, here is the last of the completed illustrations from the “Miss Minerva Prim’s PocketGuide to the Fashionable Elite of St. Augustine.”

Here we have The Bricklesbury kids titled Ralph Jr. & the Girls.

“Rarely does a single man of such gifted gear minded genius come along as St. Augustine’s own Ralph Bricklesbury.  Ralph is a true metal minded man and though he is now retired the city has been gifted with his children who seemed to inherit his gear-mindedness.
The Bricklesbury clan, also referred to as simply ‘Ralph’s Girls’ even though the youngest is a boy, have made their way into the public eye many times.  As builders, bustle racers, mechanics, and engineers, they have shown the entire city that your mind is what maters.
The clan roster is as follows top to bottom:  Alexia age 16,  the Twins: Elizabeth  & Ellanore ages 17, Lydia age 13, Rafina age 18, Ralph Jr. age  12 and Claire age 14.
Though very close in friendship, the girls admittedly do have many friendly rivalries with each other.  Jr. writes very interesting and humorous novels about his sisters and their adventures.”

Prints are for sale in the shop: Metallic Visions


Presenting Claire And Hatchlings for Sale

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Greetings all.  I have a new picture to present today.  This one is titled Claire Bricklesbury on Aerial Day in St. Augustine and paper 8×10 prints are available of her in the shop!

Here is her lil story from the Coloring book:

“Claire Bricklesbury is the third youngest of the clan and has found her place in the fashion industry.  Not only does she design, model, and sew her own creations, she has developed several adaptations to her sewing machine.
She won her first patent on one of her designs when she was 16.  It was an ingenious device that attached to any sewing machine and mechanically gathered fabric to make ruffles.  Her second was an addition to the machine pedals to make it smoother and easier to run the machine.
Claire also has a passion for Haberdashery and is always sketching ideas for simple to elaborate hats.  She makes use of her custom designed ribbons and laces not only on her dresses but also her hats.
With many a famous client, Claire hopes to someday design an outfit for the queen herself.”

I am tickled with the ‘Wright’s Delivery Boys’ in the background!  Now I need to do a picture with them…

And as promised we have 2 dragon hatchlings available to a good home.

Flame Drakling 03

Lilac Dragon Hatchling 01

Hurry over to the Metallic Visions etsy shop to snag them before they are gone for good.  Oh and while you are there pick up a copy of the coloring book: “Miss Minerva Prim’s Pocket Guide to the Fashionable Elite of St. Augustine.”  and you can color a version of Claire yourself!

Day 5 Art Challenge

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And for the last day…  More Steampunk!

Steampunk Nouveau or Alexia at work and play: A life balancing work and play can be challenging for some, not for Alexia Bricklesbury, fourth daughter of the famed mechanic known as Ralph. She begins her days elbow deep in grease and cogs working on one of her many ingenious devices, has lunch with the boys on her crew, then heads home to clean up and dress for whatever socialite occasion she has for the evening. Though possibly not the prettiest of Ralph’s girls, Alexia is the most sociable and a very popular guest at any upper class event. She is often found at these parties entertaining a large group of metal-minded men like her father with tales of life and limb among the gears. Alexia has recently founded a charitable organization to benefit the widows of the brave men who work the engines of our ships, trains, Dirigibles, and flying machines.

Rafina in Striped Stockings: An adventuress at heart, Ralph’s eldest daughter Rafina prefers to ply her trade abroad on one of the several flying ships she has helped pioneer. Early in her life, her father Ralph took her to work with him often while he was working with a close group of engineers on a new flying ship. Her youthful ideas and drawings inspired and amused the engineers and the finished ship looked strongly similar to her art. She began saving money then to buy her own ship and at the age of 19, with a little help from Ralph, she purchased her first. Full of enterprising spirit she quickly grew her budding company, Wild Winds, to the four ships she has today. Her company offers local tourist flights around St. Augustine and it’s waterways, as well as long and short trips abroad. While traveling, Rafina can usually be found either on deck sketching her guests or below deck helping her engineers.

Lydia Clock Queen: The youngest of the Bricklesbury girls is Lydia. Her mind is a maze of ticking gears and careful timing. Even as a baby she loved clocks and often fell asleep curled up next to the families ancient grandfather clock. Lydia completed her first working clock with her father when she was just 14. It was a simple affair housed in an amateurishly carved wooden case made to look like a pineapple. She was and still is very proud of it and it keeps perfect even time ten years later. At the age of twenty she was recruited to the town’s Clocker’s Guild. The Guild is responsible for tending to and maintaining the cities more than three dozen public clocks as well as the most important clock in Brickman Square. The enormous Brickman Square clock, or Old Cranky as the Guild calls it, has become Lydia’s favorite. It was always a touchy clock with many quirks, but under Lydia’s maintenance it has never been more accurate. In her working leathers designed by her sister Claire, she is a force to be reckoned with if you are a faulty clock.

I have more that has not yet been seen on the inter-webs and a entirely new project or two in the works.  Hints: Steampunk fortune telling devices and creepy Gothic Victorian series…  Mwahahahaha!

SLCC Countdown Day 4: A Surprise Project and Jewelry

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I have several pieces for the Salt Lake Comic Con Countdown today.  Four pieces exactly for day 4.

Fist the surprise…  ‘Our Lady of the Gears’ Copper Etched Wooden Art Box by yours truly and copper etching by Brandon Almond.

I am so pleased with how well this turned out!  If it any of these don’t sell at Comic Con they will be for sale next week on my etsy shop here: Metallic Visions

Now Jewelry:

And now with real opal…


Stay tuned for more art for day 3 tomorrow!


SLCC nine days to go… For today: EB’s Confectionarium

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So for today’s countdown to Comic Con I have a treat from my coloring book ‘Miss Minerva Prim’s PocketGuide to the Fashionable Elite of St. Augustine’.  This is a charming couple enjoying a frozen confection at Elizabeth Bricklesbury’s confectionarium after taking a sky tour of St. Augustine.  The coloring book version is of course just outlines, this is my completed version.  (click it for a larger view…)


“Not all of Ralph’s girls build huge machines or budding empires.  The Second daughter Elizabeth, specializes in smaller machines that make sugary confections.  Also called the ‘Sweets Queen’ of St. Augustine, Elizabeth began by intently watching her mother in the kitchen.  Every time her father brought home a gizmo or gadget to help her mother’s work load in the kitchen she would fine tune them and keep them running.  It wasn’t long before she was making plans for new machines that chilled cream or pulled sugar.

Today she runs a very special sweets shop in  St. Augustine along the bustling boardwalk overlooking the boat harbor and airship port.  The city’s favorite treats are available there such as, lemon ice, berry custard, almond cranberry cookies, toasted nuts, salt water taffy, and more.  You can even watch Elizabeth and the machines at work through the large workshop windows.  
Be sure to visit after your flying tour of the city.”

–from the coloring book: ‘Miss Minerva Prim’s PocketGuide to the Fashionable Elite of St. Augustine’

The coloring book is for sale in my etsy shop here: Steampunk Coloring Book


For those of you who have ever been to a Leatherby’s you may recognize the ice cream, it is modeled on their ‘Grandma Grace’s Sundae’. 

Playing with Colors…

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So I have decided to do some background coloring to my latest set of canvas prints.  Also to my pics on the website (go see:  Embracing the worn and oldy-timey wholeheartedly.  So here you can see what I have wrought:

Striped Stockings

Steampunk Fairy

Our Lady of the Gears

Lady Lenore and Gnome Gustavus of the St. Augustine Bustle Racing Club

Ellanore and Gnomess Grinda of the DeLancey St. Underground Bustle Racers

Also as i write little blurbs about them for the soon to be complete Steampunk Coloring book I will feature the blurbs with their picture here.  Now Availible: Steampunk Coloring Book

New Coloring Book: A Young Persons Guide to Fashionable Adventuring or The Fashionable Guide to St. Augustine

New Coloring Book: A Young Persons Guide to Fashionable Adventuring or The Fashionable Guide to St. Augustine

‘Our Lady of the Gears’ and 12 tales sample

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I have been a busy bee lately.  It is funny, when you can’t walk much it leave plenty of time for your hands!

Here is my latest, Our Lady of the Gears:


Our Lady of the Gears

Yeah I love steampunk and gear aesthetics.  The watermark gets in the way a bit, but unfortunately one cannot be too careful.  I really like how the gears look like stars behind her as well.  As usual I drew this by hand from scratch.  The plan is to etch her in copper and glue her to the top of a pretty wooden box.

And part two of this blog…  A sample glimpse of our Twelve Tales coloring book spread!

TTsamp06It is just a screen shot of it in publisher, but it is nearly done!

Also I have a sample, downloadable page here: Cinderella