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New Jewelry, New Con, and the sad/practical truth about my art.

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Had to miss last weeks blog, It is my busy season.  However I figured I needed to write something for this week so I decided I would talk a little about my art and how it goes.  Firstly, the new con news….  I passed the jury and was accepted into the DragonCon art show!!!!!!!  This is huge for me, I am so excited!

I am having some significant issues with a particular convention and their lack of communication.  I have been waiting for weeks for my art to be returned to me and it got me thinking.  I think there is this huge misconception out there about artists and they money they make.  I cannot afford in any way for a box of art to disappear.

I am going to open my studio doors and let you all in on a few things.  I make no money.  In the year and a half that I have determinedly been sending my art to shows and trying to be an actual artist I have not even made the money back that I have spent. Not nearly.

If I am lucky a convention show will only charge $5-$20 per panel space for their show and then $5 or so for print show space, $30 is totally reasonable and acceptable for getting in a show.  Then there are the mail in fees, some as low as $.25 per piece and some as high as $40.  Add to that shipping both ways which will run from $10-$20 each way and before you know it you are in $50 or so for a single show.  And I am lucky if I sell a single $20 piece at any given show.  This doesn’t take into account the costs for prints, foam board, mat board, adhesives, deco papers, time crafting each print, etc.

So why am I doing it?  Not for fame, not for money, not even for a sense of accomplishment.  I do it because I am a huge nerd.  I am so nerdy about the pictures and stories that I make up I just want to find others who like the same subjects and things.  I need more people to nerd out with me about Bustle racers and giant spider silk factories, Steampunk Fairies, and Victorian dead things…

And there it is.  My art does not yet financially support itself at all.  I will say this… My jewelry does sometimes, but I have nearly zero online sales (just a few from friends and family).  I only make a little at the 6 or so cons I do in a year.  It is rough going but the thought of quitting these creative endeavors just makes me sad.

With all that said I will leave you with some new jewelry sets that will be for sale at this summer’s upcoming events: ConDuit and Salt City Steamfest

Go ahead and click to see them closer.  I have more new jewelry sets coming next week including some that will only be available online in my etsy shop: Metallic Visions.


A bunch of new jewelry…

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I am back from my forced trip through mononucleosis land and I have new jewelry to share!  I am going to let the pictures speak for themselves, so sit back and enjoy…


Butterfly Princess Necklace


Apothecary Necklace Set


Jingly Jewelry Set


Holly and Ivy Jewelry Set


Bottled Midnight Jewelry Set


Bottled Snow Jewelry Set


Mechanical Snow Jewelry Set

These are all up and for sale in my etsy shop and will be going with me to be sold at Utah’s Winter Faire the first weekend in December.  Check out the Winter Faire site.

Week 2 of #Inktober

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I have been doing the #inktober challenge where you do an ink drawing every day. So I have here for you week two’s seven pictures.  I also have been working with Copic markers.  I was lucky enough to purchase a set recently and I am really happy with the colors I am getting in my work now.  These are all mini pieces that will be turned into jewelry pendants and/or pins and be available for sale soonish on the Metallic Visions etsy store.

I will be posting, in the next couple days, the black and white vs color versions of #inktober week one’s drawings so stay tuned!

SLCC Countdown Day 4: A Surprise Project and Jewelry

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I have several pieces for the Salt Lake Comic Con Countdown today.  Four pieces exactly for day 4.

Fist the surprise…  ‘Our Lady of the Gears’ Copper Etched Wooden Art Box by yours truly and copper etching by Brandon Almond.

I am so pleased with how well this turned out!  If it any of these don’t sell at Comic Con they will be for sale next week on my etsy shop here: Metallic Visions

Now Jewelry:

And now with real opal…


Stay tuned for more art for day 3 tomorrow!


My Salt Lake Comic Con Countdown

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So I decided that since SLCC is coming up AND as my dear artist friend Jessica Douglas and I will be sharing a Table at said con, AND as I have a ton of photos of new jewelry and art and curios… I will be posting a blog a day for the next 10 days as a way to countdown to the grand event!

What will be in these blogs you ask? Well i will be unveiling photos of jewelry today, and in the next 9 days I have a lot of art finished or mostly finished to show and a special creation I made in conjunction with one of my other dear artisan friends: Brandon Almond.

So here is what I am showing today: 3 new sets of jewelry made especially for sale at Comic Con.  I got most of the beads for these three prices at Roots Beads in Sandy.  They are awesome and helpful and have good prices and deals.

And another one…

And one last one for today…

There you have it, day 10 and counting down as of now..