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New Art: Ralph Jr. & the Girls

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And at long last, here is the last of the completed illustrations from the “Miss Minerva Prim’s PocketGuide to the Fashionable Elite of St. Augustine.”

Here we have The Bricklesbury kids titled Ralph Jr. & the Girls.

“Rarely does a single man of such gifted gear minded genius come along as St. Augustine’s own Ralph Bricklesbury.  Ralph is a true metal minded man and though he is now retired the city has been gifted with his children who seemed to inherit his gear-mindedness.
The Bricklesbury clan, also referred to as simply ‘Ralph’s Girls’ even though the youngest is a boy, have made their way into the public eye many times.  As builders, bustle racers, mechanics, and engineers, they have shown the entire city that your mind is what maters.
The clan roster is as follows top to bottom:  Alexia age 16,  the Twins: Elizabeth  & Ellanore ages 17, Lydia age 13, Rafina age 18, Ralph Jr. age  12 and Claire age 14.
Though very close in friendship, the girls admittedly do have many friendly rivalries with each other.  Jr. writes very interesting and humorous novels about his sisters and their adventures.”

Prints are for sale in the shop: Metallic Visions


Playing with Colors…

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So I have decided to do some background coloring to my latest set of canvas prints.  Also to my pics on the website (go see:  Embracing the worn and oldy-timey wholeheartedly.  So here you can see what I have wrought:

Striped Stockings

Steampunk Fairy

Our Lady of the Gears

Lady Lenore and Gnome Gustavus of the St. Augustine Bustle Racing Club

Ellanore and Gnomess Grinda of the DeLancey St. Underground Bustle Racers

Also as i write little blurbs about them for the soon to be complete Steampunk Coloring book I will feature the blurbs with their picture here.  Now Availible: Steampunk Coloring Book

New Coloring Book: A Young Persons Guide to Fashionable Adventuring or The Fashionable Guide to St. Augustine

New Coloring Book: A Young Persons Guide to Fashionable Adventuring or The Fashionable Guide to St. Augustine