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New Mermaid Art, Opinions, & Internet Kerfuffles

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I have been seeing a lot on prejudices about race and sexuality, a lot of take down (blank) or take back (misc.) or stand up for (assorted). Just going to drop my opinion in here… I think the problem is deeper than race, sexuality, or politics. We are becoming a very selfish and insular species that is forgetting how to see outside of ourselves, how it interact without feeling defensive, and care about anyone who may not be ‘one of us’. The “us vs. them” mentality will destroy us in all areas: race, politics, religion, environment, and civil rights, all of it. When we can care about our fellow humans regardless of their opinion, race, or beliefs, but rather because they are another rare being on this rock hurtling with us through unfriendly space, the world will be a much better place.

The world of late seems to be pickling in its opinions. It may be just because we are more connected as a species than ever before with the internet. Regardless, our responses have been defensive and angry. It make me think of being 5 and talking to kids at recess and having very bitter and defensive arguments about which super hero was better. These sometimes devolved into tears, feuds, and very bitter feelings. We are adults now aren’t we? Do we really need to get so nasty and mean over differing opinions? A differing opinion is not a personal attack. Those are much more intimate and obvious. This problem isn’t even consistently over important things either.

Just the other day my sister posted this:


It was funny and made me laugh. The firestorm that erupted afterwards was sadly emblematic of what I am talking about. My hubby is a very funny guy and he likes to make jokes and poke bears a bit, I thought this was obvious but… Check it out below (I have changed only the names of the hyper defensive. My husband and sister get no such luxury.)

Steven Wilcox: Numerology is the tool of Satan.

(Name not disclosed) It isn’t numerology. Its a joke. And u obv. Did it wrong. Satan doesn’t have any rights over divination.

Sara Bear Wow (name here). Steven is my brother. Hes just making a joke

(Name not disclosed) You also suck at math

Steven Wilcox Math is the tool of Satan.

(Name not disclosed) You don’t even know what divination is. And wtf does a wiki pedia know about Satan.

Sara Bear STOP NOW OR I WILL FLIP THE F*#@ OUT!!! (Sara had reached her ‘enough stupid drama’ point)

Steven Wilcox Dearest (name here), Poe’s law is an internet adage which states that, without a clear indicator of the author’s intent, parodies of extremism are indistinguishable from sincere expressions of extremism.[1][2] Poe’s Law implies that parody will often be mistaken for sincere belief, and sincere beliefs for parody. I thought my parody was clear. Obviously it was not, so I linked Poe’s Law. No offense was intended. (linked to Wikipedia)

Steven Wilcox Poe’s Law is also the tool of Satan, btw.

Sara Bear Steven Wilcox, mom says “hehehe and I get it. And no offense taken”

(Name not disclosed) That second comment was over kill

Sara Bear Just stop

(Name not disclosed) If u do

Steven Wilcox Here’s a picture of a fluffy kitten. Kittens make everything better.

That was pretty much the end of it.

Steve mentioned Poe’s Law above but I think internet interactions all fall to this problem. We see a post or a meme, especially a meme, and REACT instead of choosing how we are going to ACT. On the internet we are all that one bitter old stereotype of a person where all these new fangled ideas are ruining the country and back in our day kids were better and by the way get off my lawn.

Oh, and the ‘I’m not going to stop until you do’. This is convenient. I don’t have to take responsibility for my actions because YOU provoked me. I don’t have to stop because I am the victim here. In one way or another we are all victims of something. Stand up and be better than a victim, be a person! Choose how you ACT!

I am just going to end my random tirade on these things with 3 more things. First I will quote some of the best advice for internet or in person interactions I have ever heard. Ahem… “Does this need to be said, does it need to be said right now, and does it need to be said by me?” Thank you Craig Ferguson.

Second, is overreaction and anger working for us?

And Last, and arguably most important… NEW ART!!!!!

The Mermaids Tea


SLCC Countdown #2: Sleeping Beauty

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Wow… I am setting up my booth this afternoon then Party Time!

For today we have Sleeping Beauty:

And from her story:

“It was an odd sensation. The point of the needle pressed almost gently against the pad of her finger.  She felt no fear, just a strange curiosity and a chill flowing up her hand, into her arm.

    It all seemed to happen in a simple moment.  She was aware of a soft mattress beneath her and a covering being draped over her still form, then nothing for a long time.  In her timeless dreamy mind she heard crying, was it her parents or the birds?  She dreamt of the days of her childhood, roaming the woods with her forest friends, swimming in the pond, even eating her godmother’s horrible cooking.

    It had been a very long time, her mind told her, when she started to dream of him.  She did not know his name, but she knew him in the way those who share dreams know each other.  In the dreams he began as a child and she was a child again with him.  They fought and played, plotted and acted as children do.  As he grew and his dreams changed she grew and changed with him. It was simple and fun most of the time, occasionally serious, and love slowly grew and blossomed between them.

    The dreams changed when he reached adulthood, they both felt it.  He began to believe they were more than dreams, and she began to believe he was real.  Then the night when she knew there was only this last dream arrived, it would be the last chance.  In the dream she told him her tale.  How she was cursed as an infant and hidden away.  How all the precautions were for naught and she fell.  And as the dream began to slip away she bade him rescue her.  The last thing she heard before she sunk once again into darkness was his voice.

“My beloved, I will find you though all the world lay between us.  Do not lose hope, I will find you…””

–From the Twelve Tales Coloring Book

SLCC Countdown #6: Cinderella

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Been a very busy day so far… so this will be short.  Day 6 of my #SLCC countdown is Cinderella from my Twelve tales series…

And here is her blurbage: 

“Of course the shoes were magical.  No one could wear such delicate glass shoes without  breaking them on the wide stone steps.  Cinderella gracefully kept her wide skirts lifted just enough for her to lift her foot as she climbed the stairs.  Every step her glass slippers appeared from under all the fluff to glint and sparkle in the lantern light.  She still couldn’t believe she was about to walk into the party of the year.

    Just a mere hour ago she had been crying hopelessly in the garden in the tattered remains of her mother’s best party dress.  Just when she had been sure there was no more reason to hope she heard a squeaking noise.   As she looked down at her feet she was surprised to see four bold mice staring up at her.  Behind them was a long green lizard.  And her father’s old hunting dog was rolling a great fat pumpkin toward her with his nose.  She blinked thinking the tears had made her see things.

“An odd collection of creatures I know, but they will have to do on such short notice.”  Cinderella looked up to see a tall elegant woman in a black sparkling dress staring down at her.  “Well don’t dawdle, we haven’t much time left.”

“Who are you?”  Cinderella began to ask.

The woman had rolled her eyes and frowned. “Short version, I am your fairy godmother.  We need to get you to the ball.   I am magical, and impatient.  Now stand up.”

    Cinderella caught herself drifting along with the memory.  She scolded herself, ‘pay attention girl, you’re nearly to the top of the stairs.  Time to make your entrance.’

    The windows of the castle were all blazing with light from within.  As soon as the light had fallen upon Cinderella, her dress, her hair, her jewelry, even her skin seemed to sparkle.  She smoothed her long gloves, took a deep breath, and stepped into the lit up ballroom unannounced.”

–from the Twelve Tales Coloring Book for sale here: Twelve Tales Coloring Book

SLCC Countdown 7: The Little Mermaid

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Though she is not so little…  here is my little mermaid fully inked and ready for out countdown.  I am getting so excited for this year’s Salt Lake Comic Con!  Wondering if I need to get a new plastic skull to carry around and get awesome artist signatures on…

Here is her excerpt from the coloring book:

“Around and around she twirled and her silky skirts swirled around her like a whirlpool.  Never in Emberly’s life had she expected the surface world to be so full of sensations.

The first thing that struck her when the Prince  brought her to the market was the smell.  It wasn’t like she had never smelled underwater but things were so different in the air.  She could smell everything from the stands of sun warmed fruits to the fishmongers early morning catch.

They walked by a stall where a plump woman with a child on her hip was selling fresh baked breads and treats.  Bread was a strange thing to her, strange but pleasant.  It was so much drier than her usual fare.  The best thing she had tasted so far was the fantastic sticky buns that the Prince’s chef fed her that morning.  She had eaten at least four.

And the colors, oh the colors.  Prince Nels was very amused at her reaction to the cloth stall and the tailor’s wares.  She had to touch every bolt of fabric, every piece of silk or velvet.  She clasped her hands in wonder when the vendor waved a large piece a red silk in the air before her.  It caught the sunlight and glittered.

And fur, oh fur was a treat for her hands.  She didn’t want to stop petting the cats that hung around the square.  There was a mother and half a dozen kittens for sale on the corner and the prince bought a couple little ones.  He then slipped them into the basket Emberly was carrying and watched as they mewed and climbed for her attention.

She started then looked in her basket.  A glowing smile spread across her face and she laughed.  The Prince chuckled at her enjoyment feeling it soften his heart.  He wished she could talk so she could tell him all the things she obvious wanted to.  It had been a fun day, but the frustration of not being able to share her thoughts was ever present.”

–from Twelve Tales (for sale here: Twelve Tales Coloring Book)

New Art: Steampunk Nouveau

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So this picture turned out to be so much fun I almost didn’t want to finish it.



Working on some Steampunk themed art bookmarks and jewelry for the first Salt City Steam Fest check it out!

I will have more to share in a few days.  My tiny art necklaces have worked out beautifully and I am getting good pics and scans of them now.