The Ascendants: part 1

My hubby Steve has been running this really interesting and awesome role playing campaign where we (Beth, me, & Seth) are what the world calls Ascendants. To get an amusing and interesting explanation look here: but I will give you a little info here….

“The campaign world of Shards of Ascension was, until roughly fifteen years ago, very similar to 16th century medieval Europe. A low-magic world where more naturalistic, tribal religions had been supplanted (but not wholly eradicated) by a large, monotheistic Church. As recently as a hundred years ago, though, it was still common place for one of these naturalist priests to be present at significant life events (births, funerals, marriages, etc). The Church has launched innumerable campaigns to stamp out the last embers of these ancient religions, culminating in witch hunts and burning those suspected of cavorting with these heretical powers at the stake.

Historians disagree on the precise beginning of the Ascendance, and who the first Ascendant was. All that is known for certain is that, one day roughly fifteen years ago, seemingly random people acquired strength and powers undreamed of by mortals heretofore. The term “ascendant” was coined because many of the earliest Ascendants could fly. The emergence of these powers seemed to follow no pattern. Due to statistical likelihood, most of the people empowered by the Ascendance were peasants. Understandably no longer content to toil quietly beneath their lord’s heel, most Ascendants became agents of swift change, upsetting the status quo.”

I encourage you to check out the board, lots of bit of rp and such.

For our first pic & profile in this world I am pleased to present my character Synda:

Synda Gaffer is the daughter of a prominent family of glassblowers. A firekin, Synda’s ascendance took place early on, quickly evidenced by a series of spectacular (and destructive) episodes. Several unexplained blazes have been blamed on Synda, though the only fire she has admitted to starting was her uncle’s shed. She has since paid her uncle back for the damage threefold.

Despite her giving and cheerful demeanor, Synda is feared (though not reviled…no one in their right mind deliberately offends an Ascendant) almost universally by the townfolk, even her family. Her invulnerability to heat and flame, though, allows her to craft things out of glass that no mortal could hope to achieve, which has brought her no small measure of success in the family business. This success fuels the success of other business in town, and so “The Demon-girl of Covington” is tolerated.Synda


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